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Amara Airdrop Event Tutorial (June)

Updated on June 16th
Dear Amara friends, Amara global airdrop event has been fully launched in June.
🏆 Pool : earn 4 $MARA Tokens ( 9000 lucky winners )
⏰ The event lasts for 3 weeks.
⁉️ here is the latest airdrop tutorial, please check it, I think you will like it.
You can get the airdrop event link on Amara official Twitter, official telegram group.
Airdrop event link:
⚠️ Note: The airdrop link needs a browser to open, do not use Wechat to open.
🗓 Read the airdrop message and go to the next step.

Step 3: Answer the questions and verify your identity

Click on the "Continue" button, when the "Great, please enter the code" appears,
enter the answer to the question in the chatbox

Step 4: Read the airdrop rules and join the telegram group

How to enjoy the event?
Follow the Amara telegram group and subscribe to the telegram channel
2)Follow Amara official Twitter and retweet the top tweets
3) Submit your boca address (starting with 1)
4) Invite friends to participate in the airdrop to get more rewards
5) Wait for the airdrop distribution, it is expected to be in August
Click the "Done" button to continue after join in the telegram

Step 5: Follow the Amara "Channel" to continue.

Step 6: Twitter tasks

  • Follow Amara official Twitter
  • Retweet the top event content
  • Enter your Twitter ID in the chat box
The format is @username, username can be found in the Twitter profile.

Step 7: Submit your personal Polkadot address

Great! Finally we are here, the final step, submitting a Polkadot address.
Most of the major digital asset wallets currently support the creation of Polkadot addresses.
The Polkadot mainnet address starts with 1.
If you have a Polkadot account, skip the address creation step and submit Polkadot address directly in the chat box.
Tutorial on creating a wallet address.
After creating the polkadot address, enter the address into the chat box.

Step 8: Success

After submitting the polkadot address, the following message will appear.
Guys if you want to get more airdrops, you can invite your friends to participate in airdrops through the invitation link to get more rewards.