Amara Finance

User Guide

Here is the guidance for your reference.
Step 1: Download and install MetaMask for Chrome, input or create your wallet.
Step 2: Open the link, search “Moonriver” and add it to MetaMask.
Step 3: Put in the receivers’ address in [Destination], decide the transferring amount and then click [Next]
A friendly reminder: the minimum transferring amount is 400 MARA. If you are stuck at this step please check if there is the same reminder and modify the amount.
Step 4: Confirm your transfer information by ticking the [Terms Use] and clicking [Confirm].
Refreshing the page will directly cancel the processing order please kindly to know.
Step 5: Check the pending orders here if you want to know the processing status.
Step 6: Wait patiently until you see the the following page, congratulations your asset is transferred successfully.