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Install Wallet


How to install MetaMask

2. Click "Install MetaMask for Chrome". You will be directed to Chrome Web Store.
3. After adding MetaMask extension, click "Get Started"
4. Click "Import wallet" if you are new.
Click "Create a wallet" if you do not have a wallet or want to create a new wallet
5. Click "I Agree"
6. Password
7. Backup your secret backup phrase
WARNING: Never disclose your backup phrase. Anyone with this phrase can take your Ether forever.
8. Confirm your secret backup phrase
9. All Done.

如何安装 MetaMask

2. 点击 "Install MetaMask for Chrome" 进入应用商店
3. 添加MetaMask拓展程序, 点击"Get Started"
4. 若已有钱包,点击 "导入钱包" .
若无钱包或想创建新钱包,点击 "创建钱包"
5. 点击 "I Agree"
6. 设置密码
7. 私钥备份
注意: 私钥千万要保存好且不要向他人透露,否则你的资产将不再安全!
8. 确认助记词
9. 恭喜通关!