⁉️AmaraLink FAQ

Q: How can I access AmaraLink?

A: https://bridge.amara.link/#/

Q: What's the service charge for cross-chain?

A: Currently, the service fee is 10 USDT in cross-chain token except for Ethereum. For example, you want to transfer 10,000 USDC from BSC to Moonriver, we will charge you 10 USDC with no extra gas fee.

Q: How long does it take for a cross-chain transaction?

A: It is estimated to be 10-30 minutes. The specific arrival time depends on the traffic on public chains.

Q: What chains does AmaraLink support?

A: AmaraLink now provides cross-chain transfer for certain tokens between BSC and Moonriver. It will support more network as Polygon, Harmony, Avalanche and Ethereum in the future.

Q: How does AmaraLink work?

A: Two contracts of one asset are deployed respectively on two target chains A and B. After depositing the asset into the contract on chain A, the contract on chain A confirms and locks the asset. Receiving the news, the contract on chain B maps the corresponding asset which is also valuable and recognized by chain B. Therefore, it's not a real asset transfer but a mapping on another chain. This is how AmaraLink works.


  • The service fee is 10 USDT in cross-chain token.

  • The minimum cross-chain amount is 10 USDT in MARA.

  • The maximum cross-chain amount is 1,000,000 USDT in MARA.

  • The arrival time is estimated to be 10-30 minutes.

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