Amara Finance

Amara Staking

How to participate Amara Staking
Step 1: Download and install MetaMask for Chrome , input or create your wallet.
Step 2: Open the link, search "Moonriver" and add it to MetaMask.
Step 3: Switch the net to Moonriver and enter the staking page Click “Connect Wallet” to connect your wallet with MARA in. The balance of MARA can be seen when you finish the connection.
Please prepare in advance some MOVR for the gas fee, or you may fail.
Step 4: Input the amount of MARA to stake on the left and click “DEPOSIT”. If you want to withdraw from the staking, input the amount to withdraw on the right and click “WITHDRAW”.
Step 5: Staking rewards will be generated once you succeed in staking. Click “Claim” to get your rewards.
How to get MARA:
Amara smart contract address:0x0d2faa2064129ecbfaccd45be33dea3bcd3f8863 Amara official website: