Amara Finance


Amara Community FAQ v1.0

Amara Finance Team

A: Amara Finance is an international team with members from both North America and China.

What’s Amara Finance’s official email

What grants has Amara Finance received

A: Amara has received three grants so far. One of them is Polygon Grant, and the remaining two will be publicly announced in due course in compliance with the terms of the agreements.

Will Amara Finance take part in the Polkadot parachain slot auction

A: Amara Finance has no plans to take part in the Polkadot parachain slot auction. The aim of Amara is to be the cross-chain financial aggregation hub to bridge all the parachains within Polkadot instead of being one of the parachains.

When will the previous airdrops be distributed?

A: Amara Finance will release airdrop distribution rules regarding the previous airdrops. Stay tuned.

About MARA Token MARA is the governance token of AmaraLend.

A: It will have multiple contracts for its multi-chain deployment nature. The first MARA contract will be on the Moonriver network.

What’s the future plan of Amara in terms of the integration with Polygon

A: Firstly, Amara plans to bridge Polkadot and Polygon by our cross-chain bridge AmaraLink. Currently AmaraLink is available to connect Moonriver network and Polygon network, which is the first step to hit the goal mentioned above.
Secondly,AmaraLend will realize multi-chain deployment and be integrated into the Polygon network. Of course, this goal will be achieved on the premise that AmaraLend has already completed the layout within Polkadot.

What’s the MARA vesting schedule for ambassadors

A: The vesting schedule for ambassadors is still under internal discussion. The ambassadors who enjoy the privilege will be regarded as a member of the team.

When IDO

A: The specific date of IDO need to be discussed with IDO platforms. Amara will officially announce the date and related details after the agreements being signed. It should be noted that Amara has had effective conversations with a number of IDO platforms and 2-3 of them have been selected for further cooperation.

On what kind of DEXs will Amara list

A: For the reason that the first $MARA contract will be deployed on the Moonriver network,Amara Finance has been closely following up the DEXs that integrated the Moonriver network. Stay tuned.

When will Amara start the function of staking and mining

A: Staking and mining will be online after the official launch of AmaraLend v1. To be precise, the single staking function will be online in the early stage of AmaraLend v1, and the LP stablecoin minting will be available afterwards. The specific launch date depends on the progress of technical development.

About the seed round and private round funding

A: For the seed round, a total of $1 million was raised by ten ventures. The private placement round is ongoing but is nearing completion. The details of investments and institutes will be disclosed in due course.